laying the foundations back in 2009
 to this in 2009 …
Kakunyu School 2011
and then adding new water storage and the classrooms 
breakfast poshu!
Kakunyu pupils in class
The roundabout is a firm favourite
The roundabout is a firm favourite

…being inclusive is at the heart of the school.
Sylivia and friends enjoying Poshu
The long drop hole for the toilets are 60m deep! It was dug in 2013.  
there are a LOT of HUNGRY children to feed every day!
Washing hands
the well added an important new source of water 
School welcome leading to the P5 classroom
Primary 5 class in action
 P3 class November 2018
Nursery class enjoying a photo opportunity!
Headmaster David and Director Mary at the Tree of Caring Hands November 2018
Primary 7 graduating class in November 2018 
Naughty Neil with the school, November 2018
Kakunyu Inclusive School November 2018