Future Plans for Kakunyu

Although our list of Future Plans increases, during 2011 we achieved many of the items we had on the 2010 list.

Installing electricity

This was very important, as some of the boarding students were frightened of the dark, and candles or lanterns made it very dangerous for the children. Solar panels were installed early in 2010, and now there is light in the dormitories.

In the video below, Fedi talks about the difference solar lighting has made.


Buying water tanks

A huge amount of water was used by the children, but it all had to be brought up from the river about 1 mile away. The children couldn’t help to fetch the water as they were too young, but it was becoming a real problem.

A great friend from Douglas Collage in Canada, raised money to instal 3 water tanks – one at the home of Kabiito Mary, where the boarders are looked after, and 2 at the school.

Here, Master Tom talks about the importance of having water readily available.


Building a new kitchen

Thanks to a very generous donation from The Performance Coach in the UK, a new kitchen is being built so that the old kitchen will be converted to a dormitory. The current kitchen is right next door to the dormitories and the smoke goes straight in through the door and cracks in the adjoining wall. As the children spend a lot of time in the dormitories when they’re not at school, the smoke causes a lot of health problems.

There is also no storage space in the current kitchen. As up to 70 children and adults have to be fed, cooking involves a lot of firewood and maize, and so the new kitchen will have two big storage rooms alongside it.

The video shows Mary Kabiito talking about the new kitchen and the impact it will have.


Building and equipping a playground

A true friend of Kakunyu, Helen, ran a marathon to fund a playground at the school. The playground became reality in 2011, with swings, a climbing frame, roundabout, and seesaw. Nursery children and nearly all the children with special needs can reach the playground, and really enjoy the playing in the sunshine. Kakunyu is the only school in Masaka district to have a playground.

Here, Mary Kabiito shows us round the playground.


Buying beds and mattresses

No beds yet – but 15 mattresses, 25 blankets and sheets were bought for the children in November 2011, thanks to a donation from Little Kingshill Baptist Church. The mattresses were all covered with waterproof material, which protects them and keeps them clean, reducing the need to wash them so often.

The children and Mary Kabiito say a big THANK YOU for the bedding.


Constructing new dormitories

As of January 2012, this is happening. The new kitchen is being built, thanks to funding from The Performance Coach, and the old kitchen will be converted to a dormitory. Thanks also to Kayla t Douglas Collage, new dormitories have been built too, which will soon be incorporated into the boarding area.


Master Tom’s bicycle
The Performance Coach also funded a bicycle for Master Tom, so he could get round to home-based students more easily, and also visit more than he could by just walking. He can also take children who aren’t well to the local Health Clinic = they sit on the back of the bicycle and although it might look somewhat unsafe, it’s a lot easier for them than walking.


Future plans that are still – in the future

  • Vocational Centre for crafts, reading and relaxing
  • Buying furniture. This includes seats for nursery children and teachers, cupboards etc.
  • Constructing a fitness (exercise) room
  • Assessment materials and curriculum development for children with special educational needs
  • Vocational training such as
    • making chalk
    • crafts
    • tailoring
    • making notebooks